Your concrete project is covered by our four-season full warranty

We appreciate your business and respect your choice to have us do it properly!

Your Kolenda Concrete project is covered by our full warranty for labor and material repair costs for four full season (12 months) from pour date from the following circumstances.

Concrete Breaks

Although ALL poured concrete will develop hairline cracks, inside corner cracks and other possible visual imperfections which are ALL inevitable, it should not break apart on a structural level if done right.

We guarantee our poured concrete slabs will not break apart anywhere on the pad defined as more than a 3/8ths of an inch separation between slabs horizontally or vertically.

Negative Sloping

Concrete is sloped away from the foundation of the home for at least the first 10-feet and should not settle the other way around, as that causes foundation problems.

Although your patio, pathway or driveway will shift slightly with the changes in the Michigan seasons, and over time, we guarantee the concrete will not develop a negative slope towards your building’s foundation.


The terms for a warranty claim are strictly as noted above in bold, and no other terms are implied in writing or verbally. 

Although the entirety of the pad is covered by the terms above, the warrantied area applies to individual concrete slab sections between control joints (usually 10′ x 10′ slabs, but slab dimensions vary by pad), and does not imply a need for a complete redo.

Salt Warning

It is not recommended to ever use salt to de-ice a concrete driveway or pad.

Using salt will lead to spalling, scaling and popping concrete and will void coverage by Kolenda Concrete’s Four Season Guarantee.


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We’re happy to answer your questions about our warranty before your project starts or after it’s complete.

If you are experiencing cracking or other issues with your new concrete from Kolenda, please contact us immediately!


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